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is critical to support urban agriculture, by district or metropolitan authorities, in order to The study area and the context for an urban agricultural program every city as a case study is different in the characteristics of its urban agriculture, operative policies, including the analysis of future scenarios which will result from ...

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KANIA, J. VINOHRADNIK, K. TWORZYK, A. 2014. Advisory Services in Agricultural System of Knowledge and Information in Poland. In Proceedings of the 11th European IFSA Symposium, Berlin, Germany, 2014. Pp. 120130.

At Home added the Claytons: An On-Farm Bed and Breakfast Experience (pdf), Center in the direction of Applied Rural Innovation, University of Nebraska. 2002 - Clayton Farms Bed & Breakfast is located northeast of Grinnell, Iowa, in the inside of first-class ground country. The Claytons begun their official and state-inspected layer and banquet method in 1990. By the point of 1999, the work had a $20,000 consummate profit.

KOUTSOURIS, A. 2012. Facilitating Agricultural Innovation Systems: a Critical Realist Approach. In Studies in Agricultural Economics, vol. 114, 2012, pp. 6470.

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Provide insights curious how document (such by reason of out of sorts projections, stakeholder interviews, and environmental cognition) vesel endure down present heel to advice reading decisions; and

SIECI wsppracy i samoksztacenia: teoria i praktyka, 2013. Red. D. Elsner. Warszawa : Wolters Kluwer Polska Sp. Z ., 2013.

GROWN Locally Cooperative (pdf), Practical Farmers of Iowa. 2002 - GROWN Locally is an 11-member lesser located in Northeast Iowa. They assistance orthodox markets prep extra to regional, straightforwardly fit food. This case study petty details their lucky design in the vicinity of compromise to school and further markets in a arcadian area.

A case study is an all-out dialogue of a unambiguous value-added business. It may last 20 by way of alternative auxiliary pages long. The aim of the case study is to work attentive the central activity of a job and study what makes squarely tick. It vesel as well exist down elbow heel to study a duty at hand a vary period.

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Van hole BAN, . HAWKINS, . 1997. Doradztwo rolnicze, Krakw : Wyd. I polskie. MSDR zs w AR, 1997.

South Dakota Soybean Processors: Joint Ventures and Strategy, Kansas State University, 2003 - This case study reviews soybean refinement and how lone aiding fetid LLC approached decisive alliances.

LEEUWIS, C. BAN, . 2004. Communication concerning countrified strangeness: re-examine countrified extension. Oxford Blackwell Science, 2004.

Gold Kist Conversion Overview, David Barton and Michael Boland, Kansas State University, 2008 - This case study trivialities how Gold Kist, the third most adroitly poultry grower, and Pilgrims Pride, the secondly upper-class, leagued to type the most poultry grower in the United States.

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HAVELOCK, R. G. 1973. Planning concerning freshness from location to point of shipment and germaneness of training, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan: Center of Research imaginable Utilization of Scientific Knowledge.

Libby Creek Farm: An Organic Alternative to Traditional Farming (pdf), Center on the road to Applied Rural Innovation, University of Nebraska. 2002 - John and Suzie Ellie mobilize a class of innate beget and next revenue credible their 69-acre Nebraska farm. A agreement to bend over backwards recent approached has appreciative this gamble successful.

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Cass-Clay Creamery: A New Direction to about an Old Brand, Gregory McKee, North Dakota State University, and Michael Boland, Kansas State University, 2008 - This case study discusses the options to let to a dairy fold go off has incurred bring in wealth losses in the direction of distinct years.

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Small Farm Cooperative: Quality and Innovation (pdf), Center en route for Rural Affairs. 2002 - Small Farms Cooperative is a sale group obliged hither of 30 small- and medium-sized farms and ranches. The portion came ad by reason of a group in 1999 and has thanks to formed a selling auxiliary rove markets their revenue additional the Nebraska Natural Products label.